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"My Coach has served as an amazing mentor. Someone who will listen without judging, help me realize what I was misinterpreting, and lead me to make important decisions by myself." M.S.
How have your concerns about coaching or being coached shifted or changed?

"I absolutely love it. I was apprehensive at first, but now I don’t see where I’d be without it. I honor who I was before, but I know better now and how to make my life better by changing the small things. Life coaching has been simply terrific." 
"As a result of coaching...
I am more confident.
I am not afraid to express my true self.
I am not afraid to talk about myself or my accomplishments."
"I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found myself in her circle of love and influence.  She has been instrumental in my finding a much richer, healthy, and happy way of living.  She continues to inspire me.  And I know I'm not alone in this because the members of the group continue to make time for the meetings and the study and they are full of anecdotes about their goals and growth.  The ripples of her impact continue to move outward.” K.K.

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